Friday, January 15, 2016

Stories of Giving from Joseph Iwobi

I would like to take this moment to talk about my favorite organization the American Diabetic Association (ADA). This organization spreads awareness about diabetes all over the world and also helps advice current diabetes in many areas including diet and exercise. As a non-profit program, the ADA works hard every day to find a cure for diabetes. From the time I was diagnosed with diabetes in my mid-30s, this association has helped me personally in many ways possible. For starters, every month the ADA sends me in the mail subscriptions of their magazine, which inform me of the current events on the fight against diabetes and recipes catered for the needs for a diabetic. They also provided me and other people with diabetes a hotline service which we could contact if I had any questions or needed more information. If it had not be for the ADA I wonder how differently I would be able to cope with diabetes. I cannot express enough thanks to this organization for how much assistance it has given me. The nearest ADA center to me is in San Diego. 5060 Shoreham Place Suite 100 San Diego, California, 92122 Sincerely, Mr. Joseph O. Iwobi

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