Monday, January 22, 2018

Story of Giving by Lynn Briggs

In response to your request for Stories of Giving, I just wanted to let you know that our office, Coldwell Banker Tri-Counties Realty has enjoyed being involved in a couple of very special charitable efforts over the past ten years or so. 1. We are given the names of 20-25 children, of varying ages, from the McKinley's Children's Center, San Dimas, CA. The Agents choose a child and buy gifts for them. We have been doing this every Christmas for over 10 years. 2. We have a 50/50 drawing at each of our office meeting throughout the year and the proceeds are donated to Inland Valley Hope Partners, Pomona, CA. They in turn provide services to throughout the area, such as temporary housing, food and necessities for needy people. We have been donating to the Inland Valley Hope Partners for at least the last 10 years. I am sending you this letter to let you know what we are quietly doing, not to bring attention to our office, as that is not why we give, but because either of the charities that we support would be so excited to receive the $500 that you are offers and put it to good use to benefit the most people. If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call. Thank you for what you do to support the charitable causes in our area. Lynn Briggs Sales Manager Coldwell Banker Tri-Counties Realty

Story of Giving by Rick Sanders

HLC Stories of Giving: First of all, I want to thank HLC Broadview Mortgage for the generous gift to charities I have supported in the past. This year I would like to share a story about my late friend and Broker, Kirk B. Johnson, who passed away in August of 2016. Kirk was a Real Estate Broker, Appraiser, and an Attorney in La Verne for over 25 years. Kirk was born and raised in La Verne and was a graduate of Bonita schools, Cal Poly Pomona and the University of La Verne School of Law. Kirk believed in community service and routinely helped with community needs. Never wanting recognition or attention for his kindness. In February 2016 just six months before he passed, Kirk started a scholarship fund for two graduating students at Bonita High School. His goal was to keep this scholarship going for years to come. Kirk was able to see the first two students receive their awards in 2016. Friends, family, and others in the community have continued to contribute to the Kirk B. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donations can be made in his memory to Bonita High School ASB Kirk B. Johnson Scholarship. I hope others in the Real Estate business will join me and insure Kirk’s dream of helping graduating students at Bonita High. Sincerely, Rick Sanders, Broker BRE # 01886909

Story of Giving by Tiffany Merrill

Dear HLC Team, We are writing this letter to enter the Annual Stories of Giving that your team has so generously created. Let me tell you about our work in support of education and the overall well-being of our students. We currently work as the Foster/Homeless Youth Liaisons in the Bonita Unified School District in San Dimas/La Verne. In our role, we are in contact with approximately 500 foster youth each school year, as well as several homeless families that are of course in need of emergency support. As a school district, and at each school site, we are limited financially as to what we can do to help these individuals and families, no matter how deep our desire. Throughout the year we reach out to the families for ongoing support; therefore, when there is a crisis these students and families reach out to us. Our team works hard to support as many needs as we can; however, financial constraints and limited budgets hinder providing the assistance and resources they need. Some of the needs that have arisen in this school year alone include: emergency motel payment to keep one more night of shelter, bus passes for multiple homeless family children to get to school, grocery store gift cards for that night’s meal, a refrigerator so a family with six children could keep perishables, clothes and shoes for children, science camp gear/clothes for children, birthday treats (Starbucks drink or a cupcake) for our foster youth who reside in group homes and homeless students, school letterman jacket for a worthy athlete, school spirit wear so students feel a part of the community, and additional costs that arise for our students that schools cannot absorb or sponsor. Although our role lies on the educational side for our students, we cannot help but recognize additional critical needs by looking at the whole child. As such, we are sometimes the people in the best position to know the specific needs and are willing to make the effort to meet them. Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, Tiffany Merrill, Foster Youth Liaison, Bonita Unified School District Mo Williams, Foster Youth Liaison, Bonita Unified School District