Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Story of Giving from Jennifer McCrary

This year I spent about 40 hours as a volunteer, creating a fundraiser for my alma mater high school, which is recognized for its excellent performing arts program, in particular, their yearly musical productions. High school can be a tough time for young people, and I think the arts have grounded many teenagers, including me as I went through those years.

I modeled the fundraiser on one I saw in Ventura County, called Dancing with Our Community Stars (that effort has raised over $174,000 for local nonprofits in only four years.) Though I knew the high school would not raise that level of funds, I followed the basic model of getting leaders at the school - the teachers! - to volunteer as 'Stars', and paired each Star with a student dancer, and the competition has begun! Each Star is competing to 'win' by raising the most money, and $1 equals 1 vote. We convinced the 3 Vice Principals, an Art Teacher, and an English Teacher to dance, and the spirit of the event has already been great - everyone on campus cannot wait to see these teachers dance. The competition will take place January 14th, at the school's annual Dance Concert; funds raised will benefit the Performing Arts Fund and create a new Scholarship Fund to give to a graduating senior(s) who participated in at least 2 years in one area of performing arts.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Story of Giving from Heather Brunst

I was so touched to receive your Stories of Giving card in the mail. Truly this is what Christmas is all about! People always amaze me with the love and hard work they put into making the world a better place.

The group that I volunteer is Kidcare International. Kidcare is a USAID registered organization located right here in Claremont, CA. Over the last fifteen years, the people of KidCare International have reached out with compassion to serve many desperately disadvantaged children in our own community as well as throughout the world. They are not necessarily a large organization as far as number of people or dollars, but they are big as far as impact.

Domestically, Kidcare offers a local foodbank, has just given out thousands of Kidpacks filled with goodies for Christmas, and offers a weekly Study Buddies program. Internationally, they support kids with food, supplies, and medical needs. I personally know people who have accompanied supplies all over the world, and this year they have made numerous additional trips to Haiti to bring food, supplies, and medical help.

Thank you for all you do!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story of Giving from Robert Gastineau

Three years ago Phyllis and I moved to Lytle Creek to live in our log cabin Tim helped us finance. Last October we were at the corner across from the mailboxes when we saw three chihuahua dachshund mix dogs. The girls playing in the front yard said someone in a red jeep threw them out of the truck. Phyllis said, "Pick them up!" We were able rescue a male and a female. A couple of days before Halloween, the Mommy Andromeda, or Andy for short, had seven puppies. In the mean time we've adopted out four of the three girls and three boys. Let me know if you have a home for a chi-weenie puppy.

Bob and Phyllis

Please contact if interested in adopting a rescued puppy:

Story of Giving Gary Smith

It is easier to write a check, but more satisfying to give your time. I manage a club soccer team that gives high-energy boys from low-income families an opportunity to play competitive soccer. The training sessions, the games, and the team parties bring together families from different neighborhoods, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds and, I hope, teach the boys about the rewards from hard work and how to win joyfully and lose graciously.

Gary Smith
Foothill Storm BU11

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It is that time again!

Once again, it is the season for giving thanks. Last year, we invited our clients, friends, family and colleagues to share their stories of giving with the hope of honoring volunteers in our community and to remind us that working together, we make a difference in the world.

The stories were so touching, that I decided that Stories of Giving would be a yearly tradition.In the spirit of community and giving, I invite you to share your story of thanks and good will from 2010 to be posted here on our Stories of Giving blog. What are you grateful for? What type of community or volunteer work do you enjoy? Please send us your story! To do so, send an email to Brooke, our in-house Marketing Specialist, at Please keep your story to 200 words or less and submit before December 31st.

Each year, I appreciate the blessings of my life more and more. As we approach this holiday season, I send warm and sincere wishes to all of you now and through the next year for a safe, abundant and healthy year to come.

We greatly appreciate our community partnerships, including...

Rotary International
The HLC Team of Broadview Mortgage sponsored a Shelterbox to Haiti. Shelterboxes each contain a 10-person tent, bedding, utensils, cooking equipment, water purification assistance, tools, books, radios and more. The Rotary Club of Claremont sponsored three additional Shelterboxes. Through Rotary, we have assisted in the selection of the participants of the Teen Leadership Camp. Tim feels fortunate to be the TLC Chair and to select from a group of amazing kids to pick the students who attend this educational trip each year.

Claremont Community Foundation
We work directly with the CCF to offer financial, technical and administrative support for Art and Community Impact Projects funded by the Foundation. The HLC Team of Broadview Mortgage sponsored an art exhibition at the Foundation featuring work from local high school students.

Chamber of Commerce
We have been delighted to participate in the Best Bet Grants Program that helps local teachers fund much-needed programs in their classroom.

Lenders Who Care
Through this national non-profit, we offer education to benefit consumers on homeownership topics. These courses include public events, an ongoing education series for our industry partners, and on-site classes for employers and Human Resource Departments. All events are free.