Friday, January 15, 2016

Stories of Giving from Diana Austin

My son, who has shown great courage, struggles with High Functioning Autism and ADHD. In elementary school he did well in his environment, although he did struggled with a great many things beyond learning, such as navigating social environments. When he moved into Middle School he began to fall into the cracks and lost academic and social gains. This is where our Story of Giving begins. I pulled my son out of his school and placed him in Independence Charter Academy in Helendale, Ca. He no longer had to focus on navigating intense social environments and had the help of the wonderful staff on a one on one basis, over and above what was expected to help him meet his academic goals. Their electives give my son the social opportunities that he needs, yet are more meaningful and decidedly more beneficial. He went from failing every class to making academic gains that astound me. He now loves to read, learn new things and takes more social and academic chances, therefore allowing him to experience more than ever before. The school administration and staff have been the catalysts for these social and academic gains, giving of their time and generous care. I believe in what they do with such a passion that I now volunteer as the Drama teacher and ASB advisor, investing my time and energy into a program that reaches far beyond the academic and reaches kids within the community who are at risk, giving them opportunities for success they may not have in any other program or school. Thank you for allowing me to share our Story of Giving, Diana Austin

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