Thursday, December 17, 2009

Story of Giving from Jackie Dennis

I woke up this morning at 3:00AM with a song of thanks in my heart. I have been a resident of Claremont since June of this year. I waited twelve years for God to lead me to my home, my church, and my community here in Claremont. I was very specific in my prayers for God to surround me by loving and caring neighbors. Well, just know that God is still showing himself. God was working behind the scenes with my realtor Tom Troli, BJ, and Tim Harrison. (Smiling) When I met the previous owners of my home, I was overwhelmed with joy and cried all the way home. The wife told me that she prayed the night before she listed her home. We had the offer in hours after the house went on the market. She had a stroke years before and prayed that God would send someone into her home that would love it as she continues to do so. I have done much in the short time that I have been here. I volunteer each week at the Pomona Valley Hospital in Pomona and donate and participate in raising money for the sick baby fund there at the hospital. I prayed that my youngest daughter would move east of the 605 and work at a hospital in my community. She is a registered nurse and received a call from the hospital yesterday for an interview. Last week, I donated an Xmas tree and decorations to a family that had no plans of getting a tree and have not had a tree over the last several years. Little did they realize that it was that experienced that swelled up the Christmas spirit within me. I have volunteered my time with seniors over the years in one way or another to the point of even hosting my own radio show to bring awareness on the issues surrounding seniors. I have worked with Olive Crest in efforts to raise money for a community center for abused and neglected children with a particular interest in orphans. A few evenings ago, I was reading over the Xmas lists of twelve children that reside at Hillview Acres Children Home in Chino Ca. They asked for McDonald’s gift certificates, fluffy house shoes, nail polish, piggy bank, and so many items that pulled so heavy on my heart strings. I am going to quietly slip back into bed before my husband wakes up. (Smiling) if my name is pulled for the 100.00 for my favorite restaurant I would love to get $100.00 Dollars in McDonald gift certificates. Those certificates will get hand delivered to the Women’s shelter in downtown Los Angeles. If my name is pulled to win in the drawing I would love for the 500.00 to be donated to :

Hillview Acres Children’s Home
3683 Chino Avenue
Chino, Ca 91710

And if I do not win in the drawing God is still good because of people like you all……………………………………..Thank you, Jackie Dennis

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