Thursday, December 17, 2009

Story of Giving from Chris and Joanna Denny

As we reflect on the joys of the holiday season, our minds flood with the memories we had as young children waking up on Christmas morning to Santa's mystery and magic. We would repeatedly ask ourselves, "How did he know exactly what our little hearts desired?" Only Santa knows for sure!

What makes Christmas so special? The answer is simple: seeing the awe in the faces of children around the world. Because of this, we are devoted each and every holiday season to select names of children from the "giving tree" at our church so that we can give the gift that we too received as kids. Although we are unable to meet the children we select, we know that the gift they are given may be the only present they receive on Christmas morning. Our goal is to spread as much holiday cheer to our younger generation as we can in hope that they will in time also pay it forward.

By lending a helping hand to our fellow neighbors, parishioners, and loved ones, we truly gain the biggest reward! We have found our purpose in life and are eager to continue sharing it with the world.

All Our Best,
Chris and Joanna Denny

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