Monday, January 23, 2017

Stories of Giving from Joseph Iwobi

When a new chapter in our lives approaches, we usually make an opportunity to reflect on our past and how it brought us to the present. With this in consideration, I would like to take this moment to recognize an association that has done much for people like me. I speak of an organization whose sole purpose is to provide advice and services to those diagnosed with diabetes, and by this I mean the American Diabetes Association. In the early 1990's, I needed a physical for my place of work. During this medical procedure, my doctor brought to my knowledge that I had diabetes. Even though diabetes has been in my family’s history, hearing about it came as a bit of shock to me. From then on, I had to change my lifestyle especially my way of eating. The routine would be anything to keep my blood sugar in check to prevent any other bodily complications like kidney failure, eye defects, and leg amputation. Since the establishment of the American Diabetes Association in the early 1940’s, it has supported and taught those with diabetes on how to work hard to control the aforementioned problems caused by this metabolic disease. Its diligent efforts in diabetic research inspired me to subscribe to their membership program in 2013. For example, one of the most important aspect to my diabetic routine, dieting, is emphasized on each monthly subscription. There is a featured recipe that is catered towards healthy eating. In conclusion, talking from the viewpoint of someone with diabetes, I can without any hesitation, say that the American Diabetes Association has helped me, my friends, and my relatives immensely in enlightening and controlling the bad effects of this dangerous disease. Joseph Iwobi

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