Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stories of Giving from Jeanette Hertzler

My story is short and sweet. In 2012 my sister mentioned “Maria” was short money for her Christmas in the Classroom and would not be able to provide all the gifts she needed in 2012 – I asked how much she needed she told me the amount. When my sister told her boss what I did my sister’s boss double the amount I donated – giving Maria enough money to buy gifts for all the kids and have some left over for 2013. This year I donated again and my sister and her boyfriend wrapped thousands of the gifts for You can view “Maria’s” efforts on her web site. My sister said Maria would donate much of her time and own money. Early in 2013 the company she worked for closed their doors and she found herself unemployed. But she continues to supply gifts for many children at Christmas time.

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