Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Story of Giving from Anonymous

Gratitude is something that can take many faces. I am grateful for the opportunity my family and I had in knowing Gary Troyer.

Gary Troyer had a resume that extends beyond the capacity of this submission. He had a distinguished career at Pomona College influencing and inspiring the lives of hundreds of student athletes in both water polo and swimming. Gary also was a SCUBA instructor and taught a variety of other water sports while keeping an eye on his other love, football.

To those who did not know Gary, he could appear to be gruff and unapproachable. For those who had the opportunity to get behind the wall, there you would find the warm, kind, gentle and giving man known as Gary. That is how I knew him, as did my family.

Gary passed away a few weeks ago while on a volunteer assignment. He left a legacy of time, talent and treasure that will live long past his years. In addition to his time at Pomona College, Gary was an active volunteer with the Claremont Chapter of the American Red Cross. He was a Disaster Service Team member and an instructor for first aid and CPR classes. Among other things, he also served as a CERT volunteer for the City of Claremont.

Gary gave of himself throughout his life and professional career to his students and athletes, his family and his friends. Additionally, he gave to his community through his ongoing gift of service and friendship, as well as his unbelievably deliciously grilled tri-tip sandwiches! Gary will be missed and fondly remembered, as his contributions are something for which all in Claremont and those who knew him can be grateful.

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